Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik “Extra Moments” Album Review

In 2008 Jimi Jamison released “Crossroad Moment” which was written and produced by ex-Survivor band-mate Jim Peterik and  was one of the highlights of the year. “Extra Moments” is nothing more than the crap left over from that album. Now is it likely that an album full of leftovers can be a contender for album of the year? If the album was written by Jim Peterik then the answer is YES!!! There is a reason why this guy is considered to be one of the greatest songwriters in music and this album proves exactly why; his crap left over is better than most peoples careers.

The album is composed of seven unreleased tracks from Jimi Jamison and four alternate takes sung by Jim  Peterik. Even though it is unreleased material the album is very cohesive and definitely has direction. All of the songs are definitely uplifting and inspirational.

The album opens with “Dream Higher” whose opening guitar riff is very reminiscent of Survivor’s “Caught In The Game”. And is a very hard rocking and inspirational. The kind of song Jim can write in his sleep.

Next is “Chiseled in Stone” which the opening piano melody would indicate is a mid-tempo rocker, but very quickly picks up the past. Another uplifting rocker that can be placed in your running playlist on your IPOD.

“Cry of the Wild Heart” is what melodic rock is all about… melodies, great chorus, amazing bridge.

“Heart of a Woman” is the only ballad on the album. Lyrically it is beautiful, the melody I have heard many times but works better here because of the naturalness of the lyrics.

“Life # 9” is my personal favorite track on the album. It’s these songs about never giving up that keep me going sometimes. A Rockin’ pick me up!!

“I Wanna Touch You There” is a fun mid-tempo pop / rocker.

The new material ends with “Lifeforce” which made it onto Jim’s 2009 solo ablum of the same name. Again uplifting and inspirational and Jimi’s voice gives the song even more power.

I will not get into the last four tracks as they are just alternate takes of “Chiseled In Stone”, “Lifeforce”, “Life #9” and “She’s Nothing to Me” (From “CrossRoad Moment”), sung by Jim Peterik. They are still amazing but not much different from from the versions sung by Jimi.

Again the fact that this album is all left over material from “CrossRoad Moment” doesn’t stop this from being a strong contender for album of the year and it’s a huge testament to Jim “Mr. Melody” Peterik’s abilities as a song-writer.

Grade- 98

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