Terry Brock- “Diamond Blue” Album Review

For some reason the fist time that I heard this album I didn’t like it. Perhaps I just wasn’t  listening or was not in the right mood, but whatever reason it was thank goodness I decided to give it another go because this album kicks serious ass!!

Perhaps best known as the vocalist for 80’s British AOR band Strangeways (Who have also recently released a new album with Terry Brock at the late time I am writing this review)  Terry has indeed proved his worth as a solo artist with the release of “Diamond Blue”.

Album Highlights:

1. Diamond Blue–  The opening and title track proves to be more than it seems. It starts off with a standard AOR sound but quickly delves into a heavier guitar riff. The combination of heavy and light makes for a great song. A killer pre-chorus and chorus just push it right into greatness.

2. It’s You– A nice mid tempo rocker.

3. No More Mr. Nice Guy– Big attitude rocker. This is some great hard rock.

4. Broken– A dark and moody ballad.

5. Why– My personal favorite of the album. A mid-tempo rocker with a huge chorus.

6. Too Young– Big Rocker, very reminiscent of Winger’s “17”

When most people think of great rock voices, Terry Brock’s doesn’t even make a footnote and it is a real shame. The man can hold his own against almost anybody and this album shows that he is definitely good enough to be big-time.


Grade- 92

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