All-Time Favorite Albums!!! (In No Particular Order)

Bryan Adams- “Waking Up The Neighbors”

Bon Jovi- “New Jersey”

Bon Jovi- “Keep The Faith”

Boston- “Third Stage”

Boston- “Walk On”

– Foreigner- “Mr. Moonlight”

Journey- “Departure”

Journey- “Escape”

Journey- “Arrival”

Meatloaf- “Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell”

Night Ranger- “Big Life”

Pride of Lions- “The Roaring Of Dreams”

Two Fires- “Ignition”

Toto- “Turn Back”

Survivor- “Vital Signs”

Survivor- “Premonition”

Richie Sambora “Undiscovered Soul”

Jon Bon Jovi- “Young Guns II” Sountrack

Billy Joel- “52nd Street”

Led Zeppelin- “Led Zeppelin II”

Led Zeppelin- “Houses Of The Holy”

Van Halen- “Van Halen”

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