Top 10 Songs Of 2010

OK, now remember kids, do to financial restraints, I cannot listen to every record that is released so this list may be somewhat skewered, but still all songs listed are dam amazing!!

10.) Y&T- “On With The Show” (Facemelter)- The opening track from the album and a monster rocker!! (R.I.P. Phil Kenmore)

9.)The Ides of March- “I FoundLove” (Still 19)- Wonderful and Uplifting. Well done Mr. Melody (Jim Peterik)!!

8.) Scorpions- “Sting in the Tail” (Sting In The Tail)- Huge rock anthem with mega riffs!!

7.) Jimi Jamison and Jim Peterik- “Life # 9” (Extra Moments)- Jim Peterik’s second spot on the list, this time with ex-survivor band-mate Jimi Jamison. Remember life is a learning experience and to always take your lessons with you.

6.) Two Fires- “Lost In The Song” (Burning Bright)- Good old fashioned summer time fun!!! Crank it up and fly down the highway!!

5.) Stan Bush- “Two Hearts” (Dream The Dream)- Stan Bush’s “Living On A Prayer”

4.) Nelson- “When Your Gone” (Lightning Strikes Twice)- Melodic Rock at its finest. Amazing harmonies killer chorus. Start singing everyone!!

3.) Lisa McClowery- “Come Dancing” (Time Signatures)- Another great song from the pen of Mr. Melody himself!! This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written and Lisa’s voice is just magnificient.

2.) Meat Loaf- “Song Of Madness”- (Hang Cool Teddy Bear)- Dark, Heavy, Psychotic!! Guitar by the amazing Steve Vai

1.) Nelson- “How Can I Miss You (When You Won’t Go Away)” (Lightning Strikes Twice)-

I just love this song!! I am not sure what it is but since this album was released there has not been a day that has passed where I haven’t listened to it al least twice!! Great Harmonies, Great Chorus, Great Bridge, Great Guitar Work!!!

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