Robin Beck- “The Great Escape”- Album Review

GOD DAMN THIS IS A GREAT ALBUM!!! For the most part Robin Beck has been hit or miss for me. I love 1989’s “Trouble or Nothing” and 1992’s “Human Instinct”, but the albums that followed did little to hold my interest. That is until 2006 when she teamed up with guitar virtuoso and musical genius Tommy Denander (who also happens to be the hardest working man in music. I swear there was not one album released from 2006 – 2009 that he did not contribute to in some way). I simply love 2006’s “Living On A Dream” and for “The Great Escape”, Robin once again teams up with Tommy. All of the songs were written by Robin, her husband James Christian of House of Lords, and Tommy Denander and every single one is magnificent, pitch perfect AOR!

Standout Tracks:

1.) The One– Opens the album, a great mid-tempo track

2.) Got Me Feelin Sexy– Track 2 picks up the pace a bit, a great rocker.

3.) Inside Of Me– Another great mid-tempo track

4.) That All Depends– This is an AMAZING  song. A duet rockin’ with Joe Lynn Turner very similar to a Meat Loaf duet. My personal album favorite.

6.) Everything Is Alright– Monster Chorus. Great Sing-along-song.

8.) Don’t Think He’s Ever Coming Home – Big power ballad, very Diane Warren-ish. (It may even be written by Diane Warren, I wouldn’t know because THERE’S NO INFO IN THE DAMN BOOKLET!!!)

9.) Cross My Heart– Picks the pace back up, great break-up / revenge song.

11.) Till The End Of Time– Another AMAZING duet, this time with husband James Christian closes out the album. Very upbeat, uplifting and inspiring. Again very reminiscent of a Meat Loaf / Patti Russo duet.

I am gonna go out on a limb and say that this might be the best album ever released by a female rock artist. It’s That Good!! Well Done Robin!!


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