Journey “Eclipse” Review Courtesy of Andrew at

    • kugmonimo
    • May 26th, 2011

    I became a fan of journey when arnel came in…i listened to all of journeys album from the beginning..and i was loving it…and read all the comparing shit to…..that was my first time to see and hear OLD people whining..yes we get it that steve is irreplaceable but old people you need to move dont have that life to live in this earth..enjoy while your ear can still hear…lol …revelation was made..i know they made that album to prove that arnel can really sing and have that wide vocal range…i wasn’t impressed that much…..then this album came out..BLOWN AWAY…yes, theres not much of hooks but the opening song city of hope surely will catch your ear…the melody of that song is simply genius….and yes theres a lot of schons guitar wanking but its still finger licking good though… if you are a journey fan for a long91378753827528x time ago and find this album “noisy” then you must be old..don’t bother to comment and whine…you are already old…thats why you love the old albums of journey because you were young back then….don’t bother to comment or reply….lol

    you need to go to your bed now and drink meds and prepare your bed pans…

    journey is back, arnel still rocks the mic, thank GOD that music evolves

    • real gone
    • May 31st, 2011

    Some great songs on this album and some seriously good guitar playing from Neal Schon. Read my full review of ‘Eclipse’ here:

    • Scott
    • June 3rd, 2011

    Old? Well yes, if you call being a fan of Journey for 34 years and being 50 now old, well, then I fit that category 😉

    With that being said, this is the best album Journey has done since Escape. BY FAR! Not all of us old folks fall into the category of not liking ‘noisy’ albums. Actually, for me, it’s quite the contrary. I’ve been waiting for the Rockier Journey to make it’s return and they do it in spades with ECLIPSE.

    This is a must have album, one that won’t be leaving my deck for a long time to come. It’s just a brilliant piece of work by Neil and the guys.

    Oh, by the way, while I think Steve Perry is the best vocalist on the planet, that does not mean that I will think less of this band. They needed to move on and with Arnel, they’re making it easy for us old timers to move on with them as well!


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