Journey- “Eclipse” Album Review

Today was a very big day! There are not many things that get me excited anymore, but a new Journey album is one of them, and it was a very special feeling waking up and running to the record store right away to pick up the latest album by my favorite band. It took me back to simpler times when life wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was.

For as long as I live Journey will always hold a special place in my heart. Of all the bands and artists in the world their music speaks to me the most, so when a new Journey album comes out it is a very big deal. They are the best they are at what they do and what they do is make some damn great rock music. They are not rock stars, but musicians and every album Journey releases to this day is not a matter of “is this album good or bad”, but it is a matter of “is this the greatest album ever made or not” and Eclipse is no different! It is different however, in the fact that this time the band are sending out a message. A message of how they see the world and how we can make it a better place. It is by no means a political statement, just a mere observation. It is also a musical “Journey” from beginning to end and features some of  the best work of their entire catalogue .

This is a huge rock album and Neal Schon shines all the way through. He has without a doubt the most distinctive sounding guitar tone in all of rock and he plays like a god dam demon all over this album! Jonathan Cain’s lyrics are inspiring and Arnel’s vocals soar!! Then we have one of the tightest rhythm sections in music with Deen pounding the skins like a tribal warrior and Ross Valory slapping that bass with expert precision.

Standout Tracks:

1.) City Of Hope- The first single from the album. I have been listening to this song for about a month and a half and drooling waiting for more! Classic Journey, inspiring

2.) Edge of the Moment- I love this God Damn song!! This ain’t your mommas Journey here!! A little dark and edgy, Neal plays all over this damn song. This is one of the best songs the band has recorded! They stepped outside their comfort zone for this one and it payed off big time.

3.) Chain of Love- Slow building keyboard intro, then Neal kicks in with a huge heavy riff. Dark and Moody and Deen pounding away in the back!

4.) Tantra- Kind of a ballad, but not really. Very theatrical and an amazing vocal performance by Arnel. Not your traditional Journey ballad, but truly inspiring lyrics from Jon.

5.) Anything Is Possible- Wonderful and uplifting

6.) Resonate- A moody mid-tempo track

7.) She’s a Mystery- Another untypical acoustical not really ballad type song. Almost 7 min. in length, but about 4:20 in “What’s that Neal.. it’s getting boring? Well crank up that fuckin’ guitar and rip it baby!!”

8.) Human Feel- Huge Rocker!! Deen’s pounding away, Neal’s riffing away. Very poetic lyrics from Jon.

9.) Ritual- A good old fashioned feel good rocker!! Classic Journey!!

10.) To Whom It May Concern-  A prayer for help!!

11.) Someone- What do we have here?!?! It sounds like Journey does Survivor!!! Another awesome feel good rocker!!

12.) Venus- The album closes with a great instrumental by Neal and it’s fitting being that he’s shines on this album!

One thing about Journey is that they are never stagnant. They are always moving forward and no two Journey albums are the same. The band is constantly evolving and with “Eclipse” it seems they have reached the true peak of their creative talents!!

SCORE: 100

    • andy
    • May 25th, 2011

    got the cd and thought it was different….or is it? No 2 journey albums sound the same. Its what i love about them. It has all the elements, riffs vocals and diversity. I disagree with all the press and even props from Neil that this is a rocker. Frontiers is as close as they have come to heavy rock. I dont expect them to sound like early GnR Mettalica or Disturbed so I hope that isnt what they were going for. I really like it… its different…but journey different…not another sound alike of music that is out of their comfort zone.

    • I agree with you totally, it was different, but it was still 100% Journey. They are not a heavy rock band and nor do I think any of their fans wish them to be. They are Arena Rockers and that’s why we love them.

        • andy
        • May 26th, 2011

        On a side note I found it interesting that at times pineda sounded like Steve Augeri and at times like Steve Perry. But there were moments in which he sounded like neither. The album was heavy on drums and guitar and lacked a diffinitive bass. I think it would have been cool if the arrangement was similar ti infinity and the songs all ran together. My only fears with this album are what the songs will sound like live and there isnt a songe that defines the record. WYLAW trial by fire, Sep Ways frontiers, Dont stop believin escape, Lights infinity, BGTY raised on radio. What do you think defines this cd?

  1. The reason for that is because all of the songs and albums you mentioned got really heavy airplay when they were released, so it’s impossible to think of an album like Frontiers without thinking “Separate Ways”. None of their albums since Trial By Fire have been heard on the radio even though their albums have been just as good as anything they released. They are just now finally starting to step out of Steve Perry’s shadow. If I had to pick a song that defines the album it would probably be “City Of Hope” It is an unmistakable Journey song and it fits perfectly with the concept that they were going for in the making of the album.

    • Rock Folk
    • May 27th, 2011

    I think this may be the best album ever. Let me explain, it is almost unheard of for a legendary Rock group to step off the path a create a Masterpiece like Eclipse. Steve Perry has cast a long shadow on this band for years. Those days are over, Arnel is not trying to be Perry on this album, he is being Arnel and that pretty freakin Awesome!! Neal Schon is the best guitar player of all time, he plays on this album like a man with something to prove. His legacy was always secure but this sets it in stone!! Deen plays like a demon on some of these tracks, he is monster on “Human Feel”. Cains lyrics are perfect as usual, he is as good as gets. Ross is as good as ever, it wouldn’t be the same without him. Simply put, I love this album from start to finish, it kicks ass!! I couldn’t agree more with the 100 score. The one thing I wish they would have done is have a duet song kinda like Perry and Rollie did with “Feeling that Way” that would have been awesome!! Oh well, that being said “Eclipse” goes into the into the instant classic file for me!! Love It!!

    • Totally agree with you on the point of the band finally coming out of the shadow of Steve Perry. Arnel’s vocals on this album are truly amazing!

    • Haleiwa Holly
    • May 29th, 2011

    Tantra and She’s A Mystery are what I play over and over.
    The smooth, country-like chords in She’s A Mystery reminds me
    of the mid 70’s America or even the earlier Eagles even though Journey is not trying to sound like either. Journey owns their unique sound, there’s nothing like them. Still loving Journey after all these years.

    • Yea… I love “She’s A Mystery” as well. I love how when I listened to it the very first time, just at the point when I was thinking “you know, this is a great song but I don’t know if I need another 2 minutes if it”, Neal kicks in with that guitar and starts rockin’ it!! As far as “Tantra” goes, Arnel’s vocals on that track are completely out of this world. I know it won’t but it should definitely win a grammy for vocal performance of the year.

      As far as my favorite tracks go it if definitely “Edge of the Moment”, think it is one of the best songs they ever recorded. Also, “Someone”, I love how it sounds like an old Survivor track from “Vital Signs” or “Too Hot To Sleep” only all Journey’d up!!

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