Joseph Williams / Peter Friestedt- “Williams / Friestedt” Album Review

Joseph Williams is many things in the music world, son of legendary film and music composer John Williams, singing voice of adult Simba in Disney’s the Lion King and most notably vocalist for the band Toto in the mid to late 80’s as well as current Toto vocalist. He is a legend in the AOR world and for this album he teams up with guitarist Peter Friestadt for one classy release.

I am not gonna lie, this is indeed a soft rock album, there is no other way to say it. The overall feel of it would best be described as Toto meets Christopher Cross and I really dig it.

Standout Tracks:

1.) Swear your Love– Pitch Perfect AOR!

2.) Say Goodbye– Sounds like it could be an old Toto throwback from  “The Seventh One” album.

3.) Sometimes You Win– A little sappy and very Barry Manilow-ish. A guilty pleasure.

4.) Where To Touch You– Another very Toto sounding tune. Great upbeat pop-rock .

5.) Going Home– Nice and very classy instrumental from Peter Friestedt

6.) Stay With Me– This is where we get into the Christopher Cross territory I was talking about. Another cheesy guilty pleasure.

7.) One More Night- More of that long lost Toto sound!

8.) Gotta Find It– A little funky smooth Jazz

9.) Letter To God– The album ends on a serious note, soft and moody but hope-full.

Joseph Williams and Peter Friestedt teamed up for a very classy release. It’s nice to hear a soft album every once in awhile. Sometimes it’s just too early or cold to rock out and this is the perfect album to just chill out too.


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