Melodic Rock Nights Playlist 08/13/11

1.) Two Fires – Ignition

2.) Survivor- Fire Makes Steel

3.) Journey- Nothing COmes Close

4.) Brother Firetribe- Wildest Dreams

5.) Bryan Adams- When Your Gone

6.) Danger Danger- Dirty Mind

7.) Whitesnake- Love and Treat Me Right (New)

8.) Kiss- Let Me Go, Rock’N’Roll

9.) Stan Bush- Heat Of The Battle

10.) Dokken- Standing On The Outside

11.) Sheriff- California

12.) Heart- Wheels

13.) MeatLoaf – Monstro / Alive

14.) Journey- Edge Of The Moment  (New)

15.) Pride Of Lions- Defying Gravity

16.) Sunstorm- I Found Love

17.) Nelson- How Can I Miss You

18.) Mr. Big- I Won’t Get In My Way

19.) Cheap Trick- Tonight It’s You

20.) Queen- Prince’s Of The Universe

21.) Sammy Hagar- The Girl Gets Around

22.) Winger- Easy Come, Easy Go

23.) Vixen- Only A Heartbeat Away

24.) 707- Save Me

25.) Survivor- First Night

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