Melodic Rock Nights Playlist 8-27-11

1.) 321- Scorpions      

2.) What’s On Your Mind- Ace Frehley

3.) If I’d Been The One- .38 Special

4.) Lost In The Song- Two Fires

5.) You Got Me Runnin’- Def Leppard

6.) Alone Again Or- UFO

7.) One Step Away- Ratt

8.) I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead- Bon Jovi

9.) Sleeping With You- Firehouse

10.) Radio- ZO2

11.) Bullet In The Back- BonRud (New)

12.) Hold On- Deep Purple

13.) I’ll Supply The Love- Toto

14.) Stronger Than Yesterday- Radioactive

15.) Abandon- Dare

16.) Is Your Momma Gonna Miss ya?- Bryan Adams

17.) Soul Salvation- Valentine

18.) Island In The Sun- Alcatraz

19.) After All The Love Is Gone- Alias

20.) Shelter Me- Cinderella

21.) Sexy Little Thing- Chickenfoot

22.) Dancing Off The Edge Of The World- Bad English

23.) I Will- Blanc Faces

24.) Pice Of Mind- Work Of Art

25.) Crawling Back- Tall Stories

26.) Don’t Let It End- Styx

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