Melodic Rock Nights Playlist 10/01/11

1.) Ready To Rock- Eddie Money

2.) Primitive Lover- Stan Bush & Barrage

3.) Dead Drunk & Wasted- Danger Danger

4.) Stormwarning- Ten (New 2011)

5.) Aftershock- Van-Halen

6.) Satellite-  TNT

7.) Undefeated- Def Leppard (New 2011)

8.) Can’t Getcha Offa My Mind- Survivor


9.) Can’t Hold Back 707

10.) Key’s To The CityVU

11.) Without YouShadow’s Fade

12.)Love Isn’t EasyThe Storm

13.) Save Me Tonight- Kevin Chalfant

14.) Calling On You- Stryper

15.) Reckless Love- Pride Of Lion’s

16.) Dreams- Barry Goudreau

17.) Runnin’ Through The Fire- John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

18.) River Of Love- Richie Sambora

19.) Lonely Heart- Richard Marx

20.) Venus In Overdrive- Rick Springfield

21.) Emelie- Work Of Art (New 2011)

22.) Diamond Blue- Terry Brock

23.) Written In Stone- Frederiksen / Denander

24.) Heading Out To The Highway- Judas Priest

25.) Battle For Hadrian’s Wall- Black Country Communion (New 2011)

26.) Don’t Say It’s Over- White Lion

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