Chickenfoot- “Chickenfoot III”- Album Review

After just one listen to Chickenfoot III all I have to say is that I don’t really give a shit if Van-Halen never makes another album again because no matter what (If Anything) they have in store it is not going to be anywhere near as good as this fucking album!! When I reviewed the first Chickenfoot album I commented on how incredibly tight these guys were for being together for such a short time, now with the arrival of the second album “Chickenfoot III” (Titles they said because they are so tight and the album so good that they are skipping the second album and going right to the third), it would seem like these guys have been playing together for years, even though Sammy and Mike actually have been playing together for years! But these guys are more than just band-mates they are friends that are having a great time and that definitely shows in the music!



1.) Last Temptation– These guys come right out of the gate Rockin’ Hard! Great Bluesy hard rock Satch is rippin’!!

2.) Alright Alright– PARTY ANTHEM OF THE YEAR BABY!!! Just love this song, good fun rockin’ party times!!


3.) Different Devil– Great Acoustic driven mid-tempo rocker. Very soulful with great lyrics from Sammy.

4.)  Up Next– O.K. time to kick it back up!! Awesome opening riff from Satriani! Total Attitude song!!

5.) Lighten Up–  Big Time Rocker in the same vein as “Up Next”

6.) Come Closer– Show’s a deeper side of the band. Not a ballad, but slower tempo kind of moody.

7.) Three and a Half Letters– The only song on the album I can’t get into.The somg has a deep message with Sammy’s not singing but talking with the band jamming in the back-round.

8.) Big Foot– You all know this song by now! First single of the album and it’s a BIG TIME rocker!!


9.) Dubai Blues– More great Bluesy hard rock!

10.) Something Gone Wrong– Kinda Moody blues.

11.) No Change– “The more things change the more they stay the same”


Now this is what a Hard Rock album is about people! Funky! Bluesy! Rockin and Rollin! Sammy sounds great! Satriani is rippin’!! And Mike and Chad are without a doubt the fattest rhythm section in Rock!!

Chickenfoot = 2

Van-Halen= 0



    • Chris Huyck
    • October 10th, 2011

    Love the new record, I hope theses guys are around for a long tome….

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