Melodic Rock Nights Playlist 10/15/11

1.) Starting All Over Again- Bon Jovi

2.) One Night Love Affair- Bryan Adams

3.) After All The Love Is Gone- Alias

4.) Only You Can Rock Me- UFO

5.) I Need You (Shine A Light)- Whitesnake (New 2011)

6.) The Place In Your Heart- Journey

7.) Velocitized- Mecca

8.)England Rocks- Joe Elliot’s Down & Outz

9.) Boomchild- Dennis DeYoung

10.) Say You Will- Foreigner

11.) Fallin’- BlackJack

12.) Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore- Angel

13.) Alright Alright- Chickenfoot (New 2011)

14.) Erase The Slate- Dokken

15.) One Single Breath- Brother Firetribe

16.) The Spanish Archer- Deep Purple

Kiss Super Rock Block!!

17.) Outer Space- Ace Frehley

18.) Shout It Out Loud- Kiss

19.) Getaway- Kiss

20.) Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me- Paul Stanley

21.) When Lightning Strikes- Kiss

22.) Swear Your Love- Joseph Williams / Peter Friedstadt

23.) I’d Rather Be Making Love- Firehouse

24.) Different Devil- Chickenfoot (New 2011)

25.) The Kid Is Hot Tonite- Loverboy

26.) I Found Love- Sunstorm

27.) Sea Of Roses- Dare

28.) Say Goodbye- Cheap Trick

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