Van Halen “Tattoo” (Single) Review

OK, so everybody has heard the new Van-Halen single “Tattoo” at least 100 times all ready I’m sure, so after getting past the initial Euphoria of actually hearing new material from “The Mighty” I am more able to make a review that is more accurate than I would had I written this yesterday.

After a 13 year wait for new material and 15 since the last songs we heard from Dave (On VH best of Vol. 1) Eddie and the boys had to hit us with something truly spectacular and upon my first listen to  “Tattoo” , I have to admit,  I was not really impressed, but thankfully after dozens of consecutive listens, my opinion has changed. Eddie’s playing is top notch as you would expect from “God” and Dave’s voice is in fine form.

The song lyrically is just what we would expect from Dave (which is a good thing considering It has been so long we all want to hear classic VH). It has definite groove and is rather reminiscent of “Poundcake” from F.U.C.K. (Ironically).

Style wise I believe they pick up just where they left off with the tracks from “Best Of…” (“Me Wise Magic” and “Can’t Get This Stuff No More”) only a bit more fun and groovy. A solid track all in all… worth the wait? That’s up in the air.

There is not much I can say about how this album is gonna be from one single and a hopefully good recording of a shitty song from club days but I will say that this album needs to be more than good. It needs to be spectacular!! The fans deserve it after all the shit the guys have put us through for a decade and a half!


Oh, and for all you Gary Cherone haters…!!!!!! FUCK YOU… CAUSE THIS SHIT KICKS ASS!!!!!!

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