Top 15 songs of 2011!!!!

Ok, so I have already released my Opinion on the Top 1o best Albums of 2011, so here are what I believe are the top 15 best songs of 2011. It was a very tough job to do. How do you rate a song? Musically? Lyrically? Good Time? Anyway, these are what I believe to be the best of the best!!

15.) Robin Beck & Joe Lynn Turner – “That All Depends”

14.)Chickenfoot- “Alright Alright”

13.)Foreigner- “Save Me”

12.)Michael Schenker- “Saturday Night”

11.)Toby Hitchcock- “If It’s To Be (It’s Up To Me)

10.)Toby Hitchcock- “Strong Enough”

9.) Fergie Frederikson- “Follow Your Heart”

8.) Kimball / Jamison- “Get Back In The Game”

7.) Toby Hitchcock- “Just Say Goodbye”

6.) Journey- “Chain Of Love”

5.) Journey- “Tantra”

4.) Fergie Frederikson- “Happiness Is The Road”

3.) Toby Hitchcock- “Summer Nights In Cabo”

2.) Night Ranger- “Bye Bye Baby (Not Tonight)

1.) Journey- “Edge of the Moment”


Well that’s all folks!!! Until Next Year… Hope 2012 rocks as hard as 2011!!!

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