UFO- “Seven Deadly” Album Review

For reasons that nobody can quite comprehend UFO never really caught on with the American record buying rock fans. Here in the States they are the kind of band that you either love them or you can’t name one of their songs, but yet any rock fan who knows anything about anything has them in the top 10 rock bands of all time! In the 70’s guitar God Michael Schenker (former scorpions) took the band to the heights of rock greatness and in the 80’s his replacement, guitar virtuoso Paul Chapman helped them reach their creative peak. Through it all, however, it was the songwriting skill of the bands leader and lead singer, Phil Mogg that kept the band relevant through more than four decades and various musical scene changes.

Today UFO is still going strong, making great music and touring the world and have recently released their latest album “Seven Deadly”, their fourth with guitarist Vinnie Moore who joined the band in 2004. The one thing that sets Vinnie Moore apart from his predecessors is his bluesy style which has been for me both a blessing and a curse for the band. Moores bluesy style has infused a new sound into the music and made it fresh, but at the same time because of that I have felt that the songs lost that unique UFO style and flair I was accustomed to. Still all great records, just not what I wanted.

With “Seven Deadly” I am happy to say that the team of Mogg and Moore have reconciled this issue and created an album that takes Moores blues rock style and incorporates it flawlessly into the classic UFO sound. On top of that Phil Mogg has belted out some of his best lyrics in well over a decade!

Stand-Out Tracks:

1.) Fight Night- Absolute Classic!! From the first listen has become one of my favorite tracks in UFO history! Rocks Hard and has big attitude! Very reminiscent  of “Fighting Man” from “Sharks”



2.) Wonderland- Hard and Riff Heavy! Awesome solo by Moore

3.) Mojo Town- Bluesy with some mega Funk!

5.) Year of the Gun- Awesome riff another big Attitude song.

6.) The Last Stone Rider- Great blues rock! Retro vibe

7.) Steal Yourself- Another bluesy track, a bit darker.

9.) The Fear- Roadhouse blues, very reminiscent of George Thorogood

12.) Bag o’ Blues- Recorded in mono, old fashion number, just Phil and a piano. Great way to end the album




Despite my overall feeling of the Vinnie Moore era of UFO, one thing is undeniable and that is he has definitely breathed new life into the band. With “Seven Deadly” the boys in UFO have finally managed the perfect symmetry of Moore’s blues rock style with classic UFO sound and the result is the best UFO album in over 25 years! Congrats!!



Grade-   A-

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